Legals – 08/05/15

Webster County Board of Supervisors
Owner P.O. Box 398, Walthall, MS 39771
Sealed BIDS for PARKER ROBERSON ROAD will be received by the Webster County Board of Supervisors located at 2980 East Roane Avenue, Eupora, MS … Read more

Churches sponsor ‘Bible Club at the Lake’

Pastor William Carpenter of Mantee Baptist Church serves refreshments.

For the WPT

Volunteers from Harvest Bible Fellowship Church of Rochester, N.Y., hosted a special “Bible Club at the Lake” event at the pavilion at Whites Creek Lake from June 20-23.

The week closed with a block party/carnival in the … Read more

Control, manage squirrels on your property

Although squirrels traditionally gather nuts, seeds, acorns, mushrooms, insects and leaves from forested habitats, they also enjoy readily available food from backyard and agricultural habitats, which often causes conflict between squirrels and homeowners.

By Jessica Tegt
Wildlife Extension Professor
MSU Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Squirrels look cute and cuddly, but anyone who tries to feed birds knows they can be persistent thieves at the bird feeder.

Although squirrels traditionally gather nuts, … Read more

Super Summer


Student Minister Kevin Barnette (front, r.) and his wife, Taylor (front, second from l.), gather with First Baptist Church of Eupora youth at Super Summer. Student participants include Taylor South, Madison Hester, Clayton Mixon, Alana Hunter, Madeline Mixon, Parker Blaylock … Read more