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The “Aunt Alice Bear”

By Michael Brannon

Some 23 years ago, I was upstairs at Gee’s parent’s house, and found an old quilt that was torn and weathered beyond “use.”

I asked Vera (Butts Curry) about its history on account I love the “story … Read more

Maben Christmas Parade delights all

Santa (Jesse Quarrells) waves to parade-goers.

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

The air on the streets of Maben was redolent with horns, sirens, lights and loud talking the night of Dec. 3 as the annual Christmas Parade geared up to delight the young and young … Read more

Christmas party


Dec. 16 was Christmas party time at the Webster County Public Library. Excited children arrived for storytime dressed in Christmas attire, each one loaded down with treats for the party.

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