Vaughan’s Vocabulary 032014

What is a word that sounds like it might pertain to teaching, but does not? Tell me the word that you can use for having a tendency in favor of a particular point of view… Read more

Letters to the editor 032014

Think of the future, support

supervisors in courthouse


I have noticed that in the last few months, people have been voicing their opinion about whether to rebuild our courthouse or to build a new one.… Read more

When wicked men rule the people suffer

By the Rev. J.B. Rowe

Since the beginning in Genesis 3, evil has been in the world. Eden was a place of peace. It became evil when Eve believed the words of the serpent and acted in disobedience to God’s … Read more

Act on what you hear and apply it to life

By Pastors Bobby and Eddie McMullen
2nd Chance Ministries

Beloved, what does it profit for a man to just hear the word of God but never put it into action. Or, what does it profit for a man to go … Read more