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Letter to the Editor

Additional thanks
from family of
George Cummings

In the card of thanks that ran Aug. 17 for the family of George Cummings, we should have thanked Joyce James for her piano accompaniment at his funeral service.

Sandra Cummings
Eupora… Read more

Editorial roundup

A major blow for private prisons

The federal government’s decision to break most of its ties to the private prison industry has echoes in Mississippi.

In explaining last week its decision to phase out its use of private prisons, the … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Hot-car deaths: Err on mercy’s side

Grenada attorney Carlos Moore has a habit of overplaying the race card when representing his clients. He charges racism so often that after a while it’s easy to dismiss his knee-jerk allegations.

It’s difficult, … Read more

Republicans should adopt a theme song for 2016 election

With Donald Trump continuing to be an unkind, no decency human being, I feel the Republicans such as Paul Ryan and a huge list of others should adopt a theme song for the 2016 election and maybe apply it to … Read more

Letters to Editor

We count on the mail
By Chip Hutcheson
President/National Newspaper Association and
Publisher/The Times Leader, Princeton, KY

I got the mail today.

A couple of bills. A greeting card. Some catalogs. A newspaper. One package that my wife grabbed right … Read more

More about the newspaper

As I said I will be writing weekly columns about the newspapers that serve you for the next few weeks. My first column about letters to the editor hopefully clarified any questions readers have had. Also, I used Charlie Mitchell’s … Read more

Editorial round up

Will optimism prevail in election?

It is typical in most presidential elections that the party in power paints a positive view of the state of the country, while the challenger is negative.

One notable exception to this rule was the … Read more

Letters to the editor

Book donations

I wanted to publicize a recent donation made to the Eupora library: my favorite, “The Death of Innocence,” about the murder of a black boy who was accused of whistling at a white woman. Also, a great inspiration, … Read more

Editorial roundup

Late in the game for tax study

The minds of the Republican leadership in Jackson work in some strange and mysterious ways.

Republicans take total control of the Capitol, pass an estimated 40 tax-cutting measures over five years worth $760 … Read more

Clearing up questions

I am writing this to clarify last week’s column and to address the questions I received.

No, I don’t support Hillary Clinton. Yes, she has done some terrible things also. Her policies as Secretary of State got four Americans killed … Read more