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Act as mature Christians: speak positive

From Liberty UMC

A happy new year to all from Liberty UMC and pastor Rochelle Ashford-Minor.

Pastor Rochelle started her first sermon this year with a dynamic message and challenge to every member of … Read more

Letters to the Editor – 01/06/2016

Area’s environment should promote economic growth

Let’s talk economic development. In order to have economic development, an entity cannot tie the hands of the economic development council behind its back and hang a noose around its neck.… Read more

Vaughan’s Vocabulary – 01/06/2016

Don Vaughan provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.

In “Hamlet: A User’s Guide,” Michael Pennington comments about the scene in which the audience sees Hamlet and Ophelia together for the first time, which is Act III, Scene 1. … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 01/06/2016

Legalizing pot hits stop

It’s hardly a surprise that a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Mississippi barely got off the ground.

In a religiously conservative state where alcohol, more than 80 years after the end of Prohibition, is still … Read more

Letters to the editor – 12/30/2015

Seeking info on Carver, Lusk, Cox families

I am a genealogist/family historian and I would like to communicate with anyone who has knowledge of the Carver, Lusk and Cox families in Webster County.… Read more

Find someone in need, joy in sharing

The “Aunt Alice Bear”

By Michael Brannon

Some 23 years ago, I was upstairs at Gee’s parent’s house, and found an old quilt that was torn and weathered beyond “use.”

I asked Vera (Butts Curry) about its history on account I love the “story … Read more

It is all about Jesus

From Liberty UMC

Merry Christmas to all from Liberty United Methodist Church and Pastor Rochelle Ashford-Minor at 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

This is the fourth and last week of Advent (the coming of Christ). Families, friends and other … Read more