Editorial roundup

State faces another high-tech bust Mississippi’s track record so far in bankrolling high-tech start-ups is not looking too good.

A few years ago, it put $27.7 million into the Twin Creeks solar-panel plant in Tate County that quickly went bust. … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Prepare for First grandma president

For 11 months, billionaire Donald Trump has upended conventional wisdom in his inexorable and unconventional march toward the Republican nomination for president.

When the GOP field was so crowded that you couldn’t get all the … Read more

God gives us the victory

From Liberty UMC

Greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church and our pastor, the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.

The fourth Sunday of Easter’s message was another inspirational one. The title was “Can God Count on You?” supported by the scripture from Judges … Read more

It’s not easy to do right

From Liberty UMC

We bring you greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church under the spiritual guidance of the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.

Sunday, we received an inspiriting message that came from 1 Kings 18 with several selected verses. The title of … Read more

Time is marching on — are you on board?

By Bro. J.B. Rowe

A song says, “Time waits for no one, it passes you by.” Time is swiftly passing on. Those who are without work, time drags, and swiftly passes on. In our idle times, are we using this … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 03/30/2016

Obama lying on public records

President Obama has long boasted that his administration is the most transparent in the  history of this country.

That assertion is a laughable lie.

According to an Associated Press analysis, the Obama administration has set … Read more

Jesus paid it all. It is finished

From Liberty UMC

Greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.

We have been active in Lenten season and have… Read more

Editorial Roundup – 03/23/2016

Obama outfoxes GOP with nominee

For all of his detractors in the Republican Party, President Obama is no dummy when it comes to playing the fine art of politics.… Read more

City participating in Great American Cleanup


A message from the Mayor

By Dan Burchfield
Mayor, City of Eupora

This year the city of Eupora will be participating in the Keep America Beautiful campaign to involve as many citizens and groups as possible in cleaning up our … Read more