Trespassing call leads to drug charges

From Staff Reports

A woman initially taken into custody for trespassing last week was subsequently charged with drug possession, including at the county jail.

Webster County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the trespassing call on Calabrella Road in the western part of the county on July 24. Upon arrival they received information and a description of the female, according to a release from the sheriff’s office.

The woman, identified as Joy Paige Philley, was found at another residence on Calabrella Road after a search of the area. Deputies took her into custody and placed her in a patrol car.

A search of her bag revealed two syringes that are believed to contain methamphetamine, according to the WCSD. Philley, 36, of Webster County was charged with trespassing and possession of a controlled substance.

Philley was transported to the county jail. Once inside, a search was completed and what is believed to be a controlled substance was found on her, the department stated. This resulted in an additional charge of introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

Bond was set at $10,500 but the sheriff’s office placed a “hold” on Philley, who had also been arrested June 15 for trespassing.