Maben cemetery board secretary honored

By Terry Harpole


On June 18, a lady, who does so much for Maben Memorial Garden was honored in the way of a small gift from the board.

Miss Nellie Blade has been on the cemetery board for as long as anyone can remember, and none of the members of the board are ready for her to stop.


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Miss Nell, an employee of Welch Funeral Home in Maben, spends much of the time before the memorial getting addresses of people and sending letters of invitation to people, many of whom are out of state, weeks before the election.

The Maben Memorial was held June 4, with a good attendance in spite of there being four deaths in the area, which took some people out of attendance.

Think this is no big job? This is not the only organization she assists in the community.

Nell is also the secretary of the Clear-Springs Double-Springs Memorial and serves on that board with Joe Pierce, who is president, as well as the Maben Memorial Garden Cemetery Board.

She also serves as secretary of the Maben High School Reunion and the Center Grove Baptist Sonshine Club.

These jobs require much keeping of records, which she is good with. To people like her, it seems to come naturally.

Nellie Blade, in serving all of these community organizations, is fast to point out that she has many able people helping her and appreciates them.