Maben youth gaining valuable experience in Australia

By Terry Harpole

Back in 2003, the Tommy Temple family came to Maben to assume the pastorate of Maben First Baptist Church, and we do say “family,” as that is what does happen in small towns. The pastor and his family are always doing the work of the church, not only Baptists, but any denomination.

And this is exactly what this dedicated family has done since coming to Maben.

When the Temple family came to Maben, it wasted no time in getting youth in the church and area involved in many activities in the church and community.

The Rev. and Mrs. Temple came to Maben with two small children, Michael and Lauren, at a time when there was lot of talk about consolidating the schools in Oktibbeha County.

Lauren graduated from East Webster in Cumberland in 2014 and went on to Mississippi State University. Michael, a student at Starkville Academy, always had an interest in science and was a participant in the school’s robotics program.

Michael graduated from Starkville Academy in 2012, went on to MSU and graduated in 2016. His friends included Tommy Howard from Columbus, CEO/president of Sqwincher Corp. Michael also met and worked with Dr. Angus Catchot of the MSU Entomology Department. Catchot said he really enjoyed working with Michael, who was an honor student and a well-liked person.

Michael went to Australia last November as a representative of Sqwincher. He is now in Queensland and has traveled to many other places, including, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Kaines and other places promoting the Sqwincher drink.

Michael’s parents plan to visit him this spring and people in the area are hoping to see some photos.

When he returns home, Michael plans to go to University of Mississippi School of Medicine and plans to be an orthopedic surgeon.

This reminds us of the Bible verse about “training your children and they will never depart.” Just another story about young people from a small town who some day will make a difference.