Churches have Souper Bowl Sunday

By Terry Harpole

Back in the 1990s, a group of young people began a program that has lasted and has continued to spread to states all over the country

This group of young people began talking about there being so many people who owned TVs and were able to watch the Super Bowl, while many others could not afford a bowl of soup.

One prayer that has been long remembered was led by Brad Smith, who was an intern at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church, in Columbia, South Carolina, in which he prayed, “Lord, even as we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, be mindful of those who cannot afford a bowl of soup to eat.”

This movement has grown and spread, and it was seen in Maben United Methodist Church on Sunday, Feb. 5.

Around 6 a.m. Feb. 4, Jerry Thompson and Earl Blade, both members of the Maben church, began cooking a stew with ingredients brought by members. They were assisted by others, including some of the ladies, who were on hand to sample to make sure it was good.

That Sunday, after their worship services, LaGrange UMC in Choctaw County and Maben UMC, pastored by the Rev. Scarlett Shepperd, met together in the Maben church fellowship hall for a lunch, which included stew, cornbread, salads, desserts and many other foods prepared by their members.

The members of both churches brought canned foods and baby diapers to be given to those in need. Shepperd transported these items to Hattiesburg later that week to assist the victims of the tornado there.

This will not stop here, as both Maben and LaGrange churches will continue to collect canned vegetables for delivery to local food pantries. This is only one story of a group of young people who began a program that will make a difference in many lives.