CPR kits donated to high schools

From Press Reports

Mississippi high school students are receiving a life-saving gift from the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance.

The Mississippi Healthcare Alliance partnered with the American Heart Association to purchase CPR in Schools Kits for all Mississippi high schools that did not already have a kit. In total, 176 CPR in Schools Kits will be placed in high schools around the state.

“More than 400,000 people suffer out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year. Nearly 90 percent don’t survive. We would like to change that, and we can’t think of a better place to start than with our state’s students,” said Dr. Harper Stone, president of the Mississippi Healthcare Alliance and AHA board member. “The Mississippi Healthcare Alliance is proud to invest in our state’s future by providing students with these American Heart Association’s CPR in Schools kits.”

In 2014, CPR training as a graduation requirement became law in Mississippi. Mississippi and 34 other states currently have this life-saving requirement.

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. It is most often caused by a heart attack, but it can also be caused by trauma, an overdose or drowning. In sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating; blood stops circulating; oxygen stops flowing to the brain; and the victim stops breathing. Studies have shown that students are capable of learning and effectively performing CPR.

Each CPR in Schools Training Kit:

  • Includes all tools needed to train 10-20 students at a time.
  • Is reusable — one kit can train hundreds.
  • Is portable for easy sharing. Students can also take home to train their family and friends.
  • Is easily implemented — any educator can lead the training in one class period or less.
  • Teaches Hands-Only CPR, CPR with breaths, AED skills and choking relief.
  • Includes a facilitator guide to help train faculty, staff, parents, volunteers and community members, too.
  • Offers implementation materials available online including lesson plan, pre- and post-tests for students, and facilitator training record.

WCSD staff

receives training

The Webster County School District was to send staff members to training for North Mississippi schools at the University of Mississippi’s Insight Park Building on Jan. 10.

“In less than the time it takes to watch a 30-minute TV sitcom, we can give students the skills they need to help save someone’s life with CPR,” said Stone. “With a short time investment, today’s students will become tomorrow’s lifesavers. Everyone benefits from having more lifesavers in our community.”

Visit heart.org/handsonlycpr to watch the Hands-Only CPR instructional video and share it with the important people in your life. You can also find a CPR class near you.

To learn more about CPR in Schools, visit heart.org/CPRinSchools.