My View ‘From My Window’

By Helen Smith

(Dec. 26) It’s the day after Christmas. All the glitter and carols are beginning to fade away, but not in my heart.

I feel more joyful that ever — it’s been a really wonderful Christmas for us. I got a “Christmas miracle.” Let me tell you about it!

We always give our children money for Christmas since we are now old and don’t do much shopping, so I mailed off the Christmas cards to our daughter and family in Nashville, and gave our son theirs since they are near. I mailed it way over a week before Christmas and double-stamped it so I was sure it was enough postage.

Well, I asked and asked it if had arrived. “Not yet momma” was the answer I kept getting. As Christmas drew near I kept praying for it to get there on time. Well, it was Christmas Eve and it still hadn’t arrived. That morning I got on my knees by the bed and prayed, “Lord, I really need a ‘Christmas miracle’ today.”

It was Christmas Eve and our son and wife’s family had invited us to be with them for a meal that day, and we were all over there talking and enjoying and visiting and eating. Our son’s phone rang and it was our daughter asking to speak to me. Her reply was, “Momma, you got your Christmas miracle. We just got the card.” I was so happy and thanked the Lord for answering my prayer.

We had such a great meal and time together, and our son was so wonderful to us — came and got us. He and his dad had cooked a big batch of deer steak and there was so much wonderful food. We did miss our daughter and grandson but it was one of the best Christmases ever.

Thanks to all the great people who came by and brought all kinds of goodies and food. Thanks to Fellowship Church in Bellefontaine for the great fruit basket.

I hope you all had a wonderful time also! My verse of Scripture follows:

Galatians 4:4 —“When the set time had fully come, God sent his son.”