Well-known Maben couple celebrates anniversary

By Terry Harpole

On Dec. 2, one of Maben’s well-known couples celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. “Red” Williams have been married for seven years.

Mr. Red, born in the Clarkson community in Webster County, and stayed home and helped his mother milking cows and farming, moved to Maben from the Mississippi Delta in Greenville, where he met his first wife, Ruth Garrett, and helped his mother, Mrs. Otis Williams, run the old Williams Grocery in Maben.

Before Mr. Red married, he worked some for the late Mr. Walter M. Shuffield, chopping weeds in one of his many fields.

Mr. Red always knew about hard work and, and never turned down an offer for a job in those days.

Before his mother’s death, they built a new modern Big Star Supermarket near the Maben Post Office, which was a good addition to the town.

Years later, he built another Big Star Supermarket on the corners of Highway 15 and Second Avenue, or Main Street.

In all the years in the Big Stars in Maben, the Williams provided some of the best meats, produce and other things for their customers, and always employed courteous and helpful employees, including many young people in the area.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams raised two sons, one of whom is now dead, and three daughters, who were all a part of Maben’s activities.

Many nights, Mr. Red could be found in an old building once owned by the late Mr. Bill Boatman, now owned by Mrs. Joy Dodd, playing music.

Many of those nights, Tommy Dodd, from Atlanta, nephew of the late Adron Dodd, and other musicians would gather and play and sing, with a lot of people coming in to listen.

Mr. Red’s first wife, Miss Ruth died in March 2008, and it was a big loss for the family, and for the area, too.

A few years later, Mr. Red married Joann Skelton from the Sturgis community, and they together with the entire family, still cherish the memories of Miss Ruth.

Of course, Mr. Red has since retired, and Miss Joann is employed by Walmart in Starkville, and many nights in the past you would find them performing at Longview Opry and Sparta Opry.

On Dec. 2, Mr. Red and Miss Joann quietly celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, but you can be sure some of their children and grandchildren would be visiting and calling later.

We who know Mr. Red and Miss Joann feel that if asked what contributed to their so-far long life and happiness, would reply, “Always treat people like you want to be treated.”

Happy anniversary, Mr. Red and Miss Joann.”