Time Capsules Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Dec. 25, 1941

Hawk and Bird with One Shot

Since County Agent Bob Hobson was transferred by the authorities to Iuka, this community for two years has suffered from a lack of “tall stories.” But this week comes J. Yewell Reed, head of the FSA who claims that while bird hunting Monday, he killed a blue darter hawk and a quail with the same shot. Banker Pete Fortner vouches for the truth of the story, but there are many yet skeptical.

Montevista News:

Mrs. W.R. Sutton spent Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Pate at Pheba.

Miss Gladys Sturdivant and Miss Edwards of Tupelo spent several says with Miss Sturdivant’s parents.

Dr. Granville Tabb of Greenwood visited in the area on Wednesday.

Mr. Oscar Sturdivant of Calhoun City spent Wednesday night with his son, Mr. Lomax Sturdivant.

Miss Lovelle Sutton of Eupora spent Wednesday night with her grandfather, Mr. W.H. Sutton.

Mrs. A.L. Webb left Saturday for Jackson to spend Christmas with her husband and son.

Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Lovett visited Mr. and Mrs. Abe Jennings at Clarkson.

50 Years Ago:

Dec. 29, 1966

Big Black News:

Mr. and Mrs. Otha Henley of Montpelier visited with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henley on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Grady Crowley of Hohenlinden called on Mr. and Mrs. Glen Murphree Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. David McMahan spent the weekend with Mrs. Mattie Meredith.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henley visited Mr. and Mrs. Metro Palmer on Sunday.

Mrs. Polly Sue Nichols of Maben called on Mrs. Peggy Murphree Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Allred spent Sunday in Grenada with relatives.

Sapa News:

Mr. Clarence Hall of Meridian, Mr. Everett Hall and Mr. George Hall of Choctaw County visited Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Hall on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Earnest and daughters of East Point, GA were Christmas visitors with the R.M. Biggers and Ed Morrow families and with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Earnest of Walthall.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Sutton and family were hosts Christmas day to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Helms and family, Mr. and Mrs. F.E Sutton, Mrs. Lois Helms of Montevista, Rev. and Mrs. Elvis Vance of Water Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Harmon of Sardis.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Dobbs of Jackson visited a short time Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. George Womack.

25 Years Ago:

Dec. 26, 1991

What Christmas Means to Me by Amy Johnson, 9th Grade, Eupora High School

Over the years, many people have some to believe that Christmas is just Christmas trees, toys and Santa Claus. What most of these people don’t realize is that Christmas has become over-commercialized. A century ago, people celebrated by going to church, having family reunions and preparing holiday meals for the family.

But the traditions have changed during the past century. Today, everyone commercializes Christmas by placing too much emphasis on plastic decorations, expensive presents and a man in a red suit called Santa Claus. All of us need to stop thinking about ourselves during this season and help others in order to spread Jesus’s love among everyone who walks this earth.

There are many others in the world who need our help. From the homeless sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles to the starving children who live in North Africa, there is someone, somewhere who could use our help this Christmas.

If all of us would just take a small part of the money we usually spend on ourselves in greed and use it to help just one other person in the world, we would all live in a better place and feel good about ourselves knowing we helped a fellow human being.

In general, Christmas isn’t about presents, trees and reindeer on the roof. It’s about sharing your joy with other, just as Christ did. Let’s do our part and put Christ back in Christmas.


Editor’s Note: This is the final “Time Capsules” to be submitted by Laura Lucius, who has decided to no longer compile them. The columns have been published since June 2002, having been voluntarily compiled by Lucius from bound volumes of The Webster Progress and The Webster Progress-Times. We sincerely appreciate her time and effort in doing so over the years.