Officials asked to address Maben road problems

By Dottie Dewberry

Mississippi 763 (Starkville-Maben Road) angles from U.S. 82 and merges with Maben-Bell Schoolhouse Road at the Maben Car Wash, which is directly across from Jamie’s Body Shop. At this point, it becomes malfunction junction. There are more problems there than Carter has liver pills at this point.MabenRoads12-28.

First problem, there is a pothole big enough to swallow a small car. According to Jamie Hendrix and several of his workers, they pull someone out of this hole every week or maybe several vehicles in a week. After speaking with the Oktibbeha County Road Manager Victor Collins, the county can assist the town of Maben with this project of fixing the pothole if requested by the mayor of Maben (Larry Pruitt) or the district supervisor (Marvell Howard).

Second problem starts where Maben-Bell Schoolhouse Road crosses Mill. Road that circles behind Springer’s Dry Goods. There are no “Stop Signs.” There is one “Yield Sign.” Cautious people will stop/yield because it is safer to be stop. There should be signs that indicate who does what. Maben natives know to yield, but visitors do not know to yield or stop as there are no signs. This is a problem that the town of Maben needs to address.

Third problem, vehicles that approach the stop sign at the intersection of Maben-Bell Schoolhouse Road and MS 763 must go past the stop sign all the way up to MS 763 because you cannot see oncoming traffic from the left. According to MDOT, it can’t put the sign in the middle of the street; this is true, but something needs to be there so traffic will know where to stop: white line/yellow line/speed bumps!

Repainting of yellow lines dividing the roads, repainting parking lines so patrons of businesses know which way to park and lining the edge of the streets so people know how far out they can park would (MAYBE) alleviate some of the problems.

Also part of the reason is the Dumpster that is located on the right-of-way (MS 763) actually at the verge of the road. According to personnel at the waste services, they will check into the relocation of this Dumpster. We will see.

These are all problems that can be fixed if those in authority address these issues. If not, there will continue to be problems and Jamie’s Body Shop will continue to pull people out of the hole.