My View ‘From My Window’

By Helen Neal Smith


(Oct. 16) This morning I’m up before the first light of day, so I’m not seeing much from my window. Instead, this morning, I’m seeing from the window of my soul.

I know sometimes I write some strange things. I guess that’s because sometimes I think some strange things and I suppose this will seem strange, but I was looking at a piece of chewing gun the other day very closely, but way it was wrapped up and everything. I chew gum sometimes as it seems to relax me and help after I eat a meal. I wrote this after looking and thinking briefly about the gum.

Life is like a piece of chewing un. It’s prepared with mixed ingredients, molded into its shape and wrapped into a neat wrapper. The color is the choice of the maker. Then it’s slid into a sleeve and then an outer layer of protection — colored beautifully, sturdy so the gum doesn’t get damaged.

When the owner decides he wants to use it, first the outer layer is removed, then the light sleeve unwrapped, and it’s ready to be used and enjoyed by the owner. It’s chewed and used until all the sweetness is gone, and then discarded because it’s of no more use.

Lord, I am the gum; you molded and made me, wrapped me with your love and protection until I was ready to be used. Use me Lord until all the sweetness is gone and I am of no more use. Then discard me as you see fit. This is my prayer and greatest desire.

Well, the day is slowly coming now. From my back window I see a little blue sky peeping through the big oak trees and wonder what this day will bring. Each new day is as an unread book, and you wonder what lies ahead.

Tomorrow may be rain, and we are hoping it is. It’s been a dry fall and I know that’s good news for the farmers. The cotton fields have been so beautiful and white I hate to see them go, but that’s the purpose of the whole plan and I hope the farmers have had a very good harvest year.

Well, it’s about time for my coffee and time to think about breakfast. All of you have a great week and remember the things that are most important!

Verse for the week: Psalms 18:2 — “The Lord is my shield and the horn of my salvation, and my stronghold.”

God bless you all!