Post your 911 address prominently

By Jimmy McLemore

Webster County 911 Director


Webster County 911 Director Jimmy McLemore

The Webster County 911 Center is reminding every home and business owner to post your 911 address where it will be seen from the road or street. The most prominent location is at the end of the driveway. Businesses can post their address on the front of their building. Address numbers can also be placed on rural mailboxes at the road. Apartment buildings need to place their 911 address at the end of the driveway and place the apartment numbers on the front doors. Also, where an apartment building has more than one apartment in it, a sign should be placed on the building or out front of the building showing what apartment numbers are in that building, These address numbers must be at least 3 inches tall and made of reflective material. Numbers displayed on buildings can be larger if needed so they can be seen from the road or street. According to the law, every structure that has an address must display the address number. If anyone has any questions or needs help on how or where to place an address number on their property, the staff at your 911 Center is there to help you.