Vaughan’s Vocabulary – 08/19/15

Don Vaughan provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.

In the early 1990s, Vaughan’s Vocabulary began on radio and made the transition to the newspaper. I am excited that it has returned to the radio. At the college, where I teach Communication courses, I will have a morning show Monday through Thursday from 7:00 until 9:00. At approximately 7:30 a vocabulary-building word will be given along with four choices and a few moments for deciding the answer. I’ll be sure to encourage my listeners to use the word in their writing and conversations.

I encourage you to listen to “Vaughan in the Morning” by downloading the “TuneIn Radio” app. Find the station by location: Mayhew, MS, WGTC 92.7 FM.” See how you do with this week’s word quiz.

1. copacetic (koe-puh-SET-ick)
A. the ability to cope
B. completely satisfactory
C. critical
D. baleful

2. empirical (im-PEER-uh-cul)
A. greedy, as in desiring an empire
B. gloomy
C. depending on experience or observation alone
D. None of the above

3. hegemony (hi-JIM-uh-nee)
A. a gambling debt
B. weak leadership
C. proletariat
D. preponderance of one country among several

4. recherché (ruh-CHER-shay)
A. choice, rare
B. dangerous
C. propitious
D. sardonic

5. sequacious (si-QUAY-shus)
A. the tendency to follow a leader
B. talkative
C. voluptuous
D. the tendency to suggest

No. 1, copacetic, is B. Marianne’s copacetic essay allowed her to earn an A in the course.
No. 2, empirical, is C. You cannot argue with empirical research.
No. 3, hegemony is D. The professor began his lecture with “Who was the hegemony in the world of the first century?”
No. 4, recherché, is A. Armin’s silk pink bowtie was absolutely recherché.
No. 5, sequacious, is A. If one is sequacious, he or she is intellectually servile to arguments propounded by leading thinkers.

Editor’s Note: Don R. Vaughan, Ph.D., of Eupora is a speech and theatre professor at East Mississippi Community College. Contact him at