New grand jury issues report

From Staff Reports

The new grand jury empaneled last week during the June term of Webster County Circuit Court has submitted a report of its investigations.

Grand jurors were empaneled June 15 for a six-month term. Their report, signed by foreman Amber Hudspeth, reads:
“Having been in session for one day, we have inspected the Justice County Building, Webster County Health Department and the Webster County Jail, and we report as follows:

Justice Court Building
“The Justice Court building needs better lighting throughout the buildings. The Circuit Clerk’s office has water damage and missing tiles. The Chancery Clerk’s office and hallway have water-damaged tiles.
“The Justice Court hallway has broken tiles and broken floor trim. The Tax Assessor’s office step needs to be repaired. The courtroom vent is sagging. The Purchase Clerk’s office has a hole in the wall and water damage.

Webster County Health Department
“The north end of the sidewalk has a drainage problem. The back entrance is missing 25 tiles. The foyer at the back entrance is also missing tiles. The front lobby ceiling is leaking around the air vent and near the door. The conference room is missing tiles.

“There is a broken glass in the front lobby. WIC office has a leak around an air vent. The WIC office cabinets need replacing. The WIC windows will not raise. In the electrical office there is a water stain on the ceiling tile.

“The hallway roof is leaking. Medicine room has a leak in the roof. The lab countertops have come unglued and cabinets need repainting. Social worker offices, environmental office and break room has water condensation in the lights.

“The janitor’s room ceiling tiles need fixing. The cover is off the wire box. The First Steps office bathroom does not work and ceiling tiles need replacing. Food Protection office is damp because of water around building in that area has no drainage. Gutters need cleaning out.

“In front lobby woman’s bathroom, the trim around the sink is hanging and needs replacement. Break room left side, Food Stamp office and Sue Bruce’s office have water in the lights. The west side of the building has window leaking water. The west-side hall wall has cracked sheet rock.

“These problems were reported by the previous Grand Jury. We have inspected this building and based on our observation no repairs have been made and the problems appear to have worsened.

Webster County Jail
“The mattresses and air vents need replacing in the juvenile cell. Zone A and Zone B’s light fixtures require covers. Zone A has extension cords which need to be removed.

“These problems were reported by the previous Grand Jury. We have inspected this building and based on our observation no repairs have been made.

“Now that we have completed our investigations, and have reported the results to the court and to our fellow citizens, we request that we be discharged subject to recall.”