Mathiston sales tax collections up

From Staff Reports

The town of Mathiston had a significant increase in sales tax collections in October, according to Mississippi Department of Revenue figures.

Mathiston’ sales tax collections in October totaled $25,541, up $10,781 from the $14,760 same month last year, or 73 percent.

Although this could not be confirmed at press time, the increase may have been taken into account a correction for an apparent error in the state’s disbursement to the town for its July collections. MDR listed the town’s sales tax collections for July as only $3,882 — compared to $16,638 in July 2013.
The $35,876 Eupora collected in October was down $455 from the $36,331 reported for the same month a year earlier — a decrease of 1.25 percent.

MDR collects 81.5 percent of the 7 percent sales tax from municipalities and distributes the remaining 18.5 percent back to the municipalities over a three-month cycle.

These figures reflect other municipal sales taxes collected on October sales with 2013 figures in parentheses:
• Maben: $7,017 ($6,353)
• Mantee: $2,986 ($2,737)
• Walthall: $1,783 ($1,934)