Club announces Christmas Lighting Contest winners

By the Maben Home and Garden Club

The Maben Home and Garden Club is pleased to announce the winners in the 52nd annual Christmas Lighting Contest hosted by the local civic club.

President Dottie Dewberry, Secretary Sylvia Templeton, Treasurer Martha McMinn and Arbor Day Chairman Polly Miller served on the committee. They placed announcements of the date and time of the judging in the two local papers; posted flyers around town at the area businesses; secured three out-of-town impartial judges; created certificates for all place winners: first, second, third and honorable mention; acquired gift cards for first-place winners; and finally are placing the announcement of winners in the papers.

Using a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the best, the three judges scored each home on overall aesthetics, color harmony of lights and home, mechanics and best use of lights. Tabulations are done by each judge separately and then totaled after the judging was complete.

This year we were honored to have Karon Makamson, Susie Walls and Wanda Box, all of Sturgis, to donate their time in judging this event.

Committee hostesses McMinn, Templeton and Miller served the judges and committee members a meal after the judging was complete. Dewberry served as the chauffeur for the group.

Best Overall:
• First place: Ann Walls
• Second place: Cathy Lollar
• Third place: Ian Miles
• Honorable Mention: Tony Miles

Best Door:
• First place: Danny Paul McMullen
• Second place: Ruth Carroll Williams
• Third place — Tie: Robbie Gordon and Mildred Thomas
• Honorable Mention: Booter Fulgham

Best Business:
• First place: Maben Public Library
• Second place: Johnson Logging
• Third place: Waddell’s Insurance

“Best Window” had now winners as most places competed in overall or just the door. To be judged for best window this means this is the only place that is decorated — same with best door. If the window and door are both decorated then the house is judged as overall.

We would like to mention three homes for their efforts in decorating the home and surrounding areas with a vast array of mechanics: Claude Brown, Ed Brown and Red Williams. These homes had spectacular displays of lights and lighted devices.

The Maben Home and Garden Club also thanks those homes and businesses that participated in this annual event.


Best Overall first place: Ann Walls

Best Overall first place: Ann Walls

Best Door first place: Danny Paul McMullen

Best Door first place: Danny Paul McMullen

Best Business first place: Maben Public Library

Best Business first place: Maben Public Library