Kinton regales M&M Club with his adventures

By Dottie Dewberry
For the WPT

The members of the M&M Club of the First Baptist Church Maben were entertained Sept. 9 by Tony Kinton, who most of us have read as he writes for 4-County Today in Mississippi.

He has been married to his wife Susan for 44 years, takes care of his elderly parents and teaches a Sunday school class. At one time, he was a minister of music and he taught English composition at East Central Community College, where he retired in 2008.

According to him, when he is not doing the 95-percent mundane things in his life, he is off on adventures, especially in South Africa.

As we all listened, obviously the most exciting were the adventures that he had when he got bored: freezing in a tent, a leopard breathing on him, being charged by a grizzly bear, avoiding a rockslide avalanche and hunting American bison, just like they did in the 1800s. I liked hearing about the stories but would not have liked participating.

“Tony Kinton belongs to a special breed – old-time Southern outdoorsmen with an uncanny ability to share a story and tell a tale.”

He shared with us that he had eight books in print and many, many magazine articles: To date he has published more than 2,000 articles in state, regional, national and international magazines.

Part of his speech to the assembled group was the reading of short passages from two of his books: “Rambling Through Pleasant Memories” and “Outside and Other Reflections.”

Today he writes Christian romance novels. He is the recognized author of the Wagon Road Trilogy: “Summer Lightning Distant Thunder” and “Uncertain Horizons”; the third book will soon be out.

First Baptist Church Maben M&M Club had a good turnout of men and women, all arriving with pots, pans, bowls and platters of delicious food and drink for everyone to chow down on as Tony Kinton spoke to them about his adventures and writing about them.

Brother Tommy Temple, pastor of FBC, served as the emcee for the M&M Club program.