Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:
Aug. 10, 1939

36 Snakes Killed at Single Shot
People have been known to tell big fish stories, but there is a snake story that is a good subject for Mr. “Believe It or Not”

Lester Goines, son of R.D. Goines of the Lollars Grove community, killed 36 snakes at one shot near his home on Saturday morning. Mr. Goines was down in the bottom land of Spring Creek, looking after his farming interests and spied what he thought was an enormous snake; fortunately he had his gun with him and fired away and upon investigation saw that he had killed with that single shot one large moccasin snake and 35 small ones.
Mr. Ripley could use this story as it is authentic and was reported to The Webster Progress by R.D. Goines. Some Snakes!
North Bellefontaine News:
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Springer of Eupora visited Mr. and Mrs. Noel Shaw.
Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Moore are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Moore and family visited Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Oswalt.
Miss Noma Evelyn and Fronnie Weeks are spending this week with Misses Jewel and Dorothy McCain.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shaw and baby are visiting their mother and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks McCain.
Mrs. Dora Willingham is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Sugg.
Mrs. Pervie Shaw is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Pounds.
Dinner guests with Joe Hicks on Sunday were James and Junior Duke, Guy Walton Williams and James Pounds.
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Watson visited Mr. and Mrs. R.I. Oswalt Friday night.
50 Years Ago:
Aug. 6, 1964
Joins Ross Motor Co.
Tom Ross Motors of Eupora is happy to announce that Mr. Harrison Pittman of Eupora is now in charge of their service department.
Mr. Pittman has been servicing automobiles for 20 years. Over the years, he has acquired a vast knowledge of know-how which is necessary to servicing automobiles satisfactorily.
In the past, Mr. Pittman has been associated with many of the top dealerships of Mississippi. He invites his friends in Eupora to come by and see him.
Cadaretta News:
Mr. and Mrs. Link of Eupora visited recently in the Mack England home. While here, they and Mrs. England visited an aunt, Mrs. Willie Ramage, in the home of Rev. and Mrs. Edward Pendergrast at Derma. Mr. and Mrs. Link also visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Doolittle and other friends and relatives.
Mrs. Fuller Clanton of Marked Tree, AR has been spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Werner Woods.
Mr. Lon Jr. Pyron of Slate Springs visited Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Doolittle on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Landrum and sons of Eupora visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Doolittle.
Miss Jane Baker spent last weekend with Mrs. George Mitchell. She accompanied Rev. and Mrs. Billy McDaniel and children to Winona Sunday evening.
25 Years Ago:
Aug. 10, 1989
Fair A Success
Turnout was good last week at the Webster County Fair, and everyone present seemed to have a very good time. This year’s theme was “Back to the Basics” in honor of the city’s centennial celebration and it was carried through in the dress, activities and displays.
“People really seemed to enjoy the theme,” said Webster County 4-H Agent Ricky Ferguson. “They spent a lot of time looking at the antique displays and discussing how the old things were used.”
A number of people could be seen wearing antique dresses and fair goers learned how to make lye soap, homemade biscuits, brooms, baskets and even churn butter. There were also a number of antique displays ranging from clothing to household goods; one of the most notable was a quilt depicting one woman and her life growing up in Eupora.
In addition to the “back to the basics” displays, there were also a number of homemade goods entered into the competition on display, and a pet show was put on by the 4-H Saturday morning.
“Turnout was good, but I think a lot of people just don’t realize what the fair is all about,” Ferguson said. “All people in the county should come exhibit anything they’ve got.”