911 calls

July 28
3:53 p.m., grass fire., Hwy. 82 West; Tomnolen Fire Department responds.
8:33 p.m., fight,

Westwood Park; Eupora Police Department, Webster Sheriff’s Office respond.
8:52 p.m., livestock road hazard, Main St. and Hwy. 15, Mantee; WSO responds.
10:13 p.m., suspicious vehicles, Judenary Road; WSO responds.
July 29
12:52 a.m., 911 prank call, Mount Vernon Road; Eupora PD responds.
4:25 p.m. fight., MLK Jr. Drive; EPD responds.
7:24 p.m., trespassing, Lebanon Road; WSO responds.
8:48 p.m., fight, Westwood Park; EPD responds.
July 30
6:28 a.m., medical, North Sapa Road; EMS, Walthall FD respond.
7:45 a.m., alarm., Carver Road; WSO responds.
10:11 a.m., dog complaint, Hodges Drive; EPD responds.
11:02 a.m., alarm, Hwy. 9 North, Bellefontaine; WSO responds.
11:07 a.m., grass fire., Maben football field; Maben FD responds.
5:28 p.m., alarm, Hwy. 50 West; WSO responds.
6:58 p.m., domestic, Natchez Trace Road; WSO responds.
7:09 p.m., medical, Mantee Road; Mantee FD, EMS respond.
8:53 p.m., suspicious vehicle, North Sapa Road; WSO responds.
11:50 p.m., suspicious activity, Adams Avenue; EPD responds.
July 31
5:14 a.m., medical, Waterworks Road; EFD, EMS respond.
10:02 a.m., wreck, Hollands Crossing; WSO responds.
11:31 a.m., fire, MLK Jr. Drive; EMS, Eupora FD respond.
12:32 p.m., medical, Old Darcy Road; EMS, Mantee FD respond.
12:32 p.m., disturbance, Sly Manufacturing area; Mathiston PD responds.
6:35 p.m., animal complaint, Edgewood Drive; EPD responds.
9:06 p.m., domestic, Vance Road; WSO responds.
9:54 p.m., domestic, Mantee Road; WSO responds.
Aug. 1
3:13 a.m., medical, Mitchell Road; WSO responds.
3:22 a.m., alarm, Hwy. 82; WSO responds.
4:09 p.m., medical, Government Avenue; EMS responds.
8:33 p.m., domestic, North Sapa Road; WSO responds.
9:36 p.m., domestic, Williams Circle; transferred to Calhoun County.
10:05 p.m., domestic (stabbing) Second Avenue; transferred to Oktibbeha.
10:16 p.m., Hwy. 340; transferred to Chickasaw.
Aug. 2
8:05 a.m., telephone line down, Hwy. 15; utility responds.
8:16 a.m., power line down, Hwy. 15; MHP, Mantee FD respond.
10:30 a.m., medical, Old Walthall Road; EMS, EFD respond.
11:01 a.m., escort request, North Natchez Trace Road; WSO responds.
11:58 a.m., dog complaint, Natchez Trace Road; Mathiston PD responds.
1:46 p.m., dog complaint, West Figgatt Avenue; EPD responds.
2:08 p.m., fight, Old Walthall Road; EPD responds.
3:07 p.m., medical, West Fox Avenue; EMS, EPD respond.
3:55 p.m., locked vehicle, West Roane Avenue; EPD responds.
2:27 p.m., 911 open line, Stallings Road; WSO responds.
5:21 p.m., medical escort to Medical Plaza; EPD responds.
Aug. 3
7:25 a.m., threats, Mhoon Road; WSO responds.
12:03 p.m., possible B&E, Lebanon Road; WSO responds.
12:31 p.m., call for assistance, Medical Plaza; EPD responds.
12:46 dog complaint, South Allen Street; EPD responds.
2:21 p.m., medical, Hwy. 9 North; EMS responds.
3:21 p.m., alarm, Whitt Road; WSO responds.
4:29 p.m., alarm, Wood Circle, Mathiston; Mathiston FD responds.
5:24 p.m., alarm., Veterans Memorial Boulevard; EPD responds.
Aug. 4
1:39 a.m., alarm, East Old Hwy 82; WSO responds.