Mayor visits Maben Farmers’ Market

By Jane Collins, Manager
Maben Farmers’ Market

The mayor of Maben, Larry Pruitt, came by the Maben Farmers’ Market on July 5 and enjoyed greeting the vendors and visitors there.
He especially admired the luscious-looking layer cakes home-baked by Myrna Crittenden of Eupora. She had already sold the peach cake by the time the accompanying photo was made, but she still had a strawberries and cream cake, a chocolate cake with a vanilla cream filling, and a fresh carrot cake available. In addition she featured a variety of home-canned jams, jellies, apple butter, spiced apples and relishes. Myrna also sells the popular colloidal silver used by many for various ailments. For custom orders of cakes or her other products call 258-3263.

JANE COLLINS Pruitt admires cakes baked by Crittenden.

Pruitt admires cakes baked by Crittenden.

Rubie Harris of Maben brought lots of fried pies to sell. Rubie got up a 3 a.m. to fry up dozens of apple, peach, cherry, sweet potato and chocolate pies so they would be really fresh for Saturday morning. She also was selling her home-canned plum jelly and chow-chow. Rubie’s sister, Mary Harris, offered flea market items like shoes, purses, glassware, china, jewelry and clothes. Call Rubie to make advance orders for fried pies at 263- 6468.
John O’Kelly from Ackerman came with his own homegrown green beans, yellow squash, cucumbers, ripe tomatoes and zucchini. Folks were snapping up his fresh produce rapidly so that he was sold out before the market ended. He promised to be back next week with more good produce from his large garden.
Tom and Amy Booth from Mathiston were back with more watermelons, cantaloupe, fresh corn out of their garden, and a variety of pickles, jellies and other home-canned products.
The weather Saturday morning was so refreshingly cool that everyone who came enjoyed shopping and visiting on the shaded lot. The market is open every Saturday morning from 7:30 until 10 a.m. on the lot next door to the Post Office in Maben. New vendors are welcome. Call 263-8458 for more information about the market.

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