LUMC pastor commissioned as elder

From Liberty UMC

Greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.
The last two weeks, members of Liberty have been engaged in many church and community activities. June 15 was Father’s Day and we had early morning services at 9 a.m. Our pastor spoke from Mark 9:14-28, where a young boy had an evil spirit and Christ commanded it out.
At 11:30 a.m., we attended a combined Father’s Day service at Gibson Street Church of God. Those churches directly involved were GSCOG, Mt. Union MBC and Liberty UMC. Pastor Glenda Brantley Mays of Gibson Street brought us a strong encouraging message on how important the father is for the family and community.
Our pastor has been commissioned as an elder. Following the United Methodist Annual Conference she continued her education at Asbury Seminary School in Wilmore, Ky.
Last week, June 16-20, our Vacation Bible School was held from 5-7 p.m. The average attendance was 60 participants. They enjoyed learning about Jesus Christ.
Six members of Liberty attended Early Response Training at First United Methodist Church in Eupora. They completed the training and will receive badges qualifying them on how to respond in event a disaster occurs.
June 22, one of our lay servants spoke on “Submitting to Christian Authority.”
We welcome you to worship with us each Sunday at 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive., Eupora.