Board approves policy revisions

From Staff Reports

The Webster County School Board has approved revisions to three policies, according to board minutes.
Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar. on June 2, first recommended the board approve revisions to the “Attendance, Tardiness and Excuses” policy. The revisions were approved 4-1, with Scott Hollenhead (District 4) voting nay, records show
Treloar then recommended the board approve revisions to the “Grading Systems” and “Report Cards” policies. The board also approved these revisions, with Hollenhead again voting nay. All of the revisions were originally presented and tabled May 12.

Policy Changes

The policies include these revisions (changes only are listed):

  • Attendance, Tardiness and Excuses: A student shall be allowed a maximum of 10 absences, including check-in and check-outs, excused by a parent note per one school year. A doctor’s excuse must be presented if the 10 absences with parent notes have been used.

If a student receives an unexcused absence, he/she will not be allowed to make up any work that was missed and will receive a zero for work that was missed, and may face further disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the building level principal.
For all students in grades 6-12, exemption from the semester cumulative exams, which are administered in December and May, is an earned privilege. A student will be considered for exemption if he/she has no discipline referrals and meets the following requirements regarding total days of attendance and grades:
Attendance each semester and grades each semester:

No absences: C
One absence: B
Two absences: A

A student has the option to take an exam if he/she feels it will improve his/her grade.
All absences will be counted except those that are school related such as choir and band trips, and athletic contests. It is the student’s responsibility to gather and provide documentation of school-related absences. Suspensions will invalidate the privilege of exemption in all classes.

  • Grading Policies (includes report cards): For elementary and secondary (middle and high school) grading systems and appraisal reports, these numerical values will be used in determining the respective letter grades: C (Average) = 70-79, D (Below Average) = 65-69 and F (Failure) = 64 and below.

Other Business

In other business June 2, the board:

  • approved the purchase of software that will allow online free and reduced lunch applications and online payments for lunch accounts.
  • tabled revisions to the “Food Services” and “Special Programs for Gifted Students” policies.
  • accepted the resignation of summer maintenance worker Dylan Henley and approved the hiring of Rusty Johnson for the same position.
  • accepted a donation from Mississippi State of 12 Dell computers to East Webster Elementary School.
  • accepted the resignation of Darleen Busby from her duties as assistant teacher at Eupora Elementary School and bus driver.
  • accepted the resignation of Karen Tabb from her teaching position at EWES.
  • approved student transfer requests and releases from the Oktibbeha County School District for these students: Maggie Mann, Paul Lawson Reed, Kelbie Tharp, Madison Reed, Colton Reed, Hagen Vickers. Colton Vickers and Levi Elkins.
  • approved personnel for the Special Education Department’s Extended School Year program.
  • approved classified staff recommendations for 2014-15.
  • approved requests from Amy Carson and Mariquita Boone for refunds of their children’s cafeteria accounts. The children will not be attending school in the district next year.
  • approved issuance of a $200 manual check to MSIS State Data Conference to pay registration fees.
  • approved the Staff Development Report for 2013-14.
  • approved a request from Sandra Warren that her children be released from Webster County Schools.