Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:
June 15, 1939

Webster County Will Have Veterinarian

Dr. Victor Weisberg, a graduate veterinarian, is expected to locate in Webster County at Eupora within the next 10 days to do general practice in this area.
After the death of Dr. Jess Black, this area was left without the service of a veterinarian and the businessmen and farmers working together contacted Dr. Weisberg and requested him to come and look over the location which he has done very recently. A letter was received stating that he would be here ready for work by the 15th or 16th of June.

Grow Fine Peaches

Three of the finest peaches ever seen were brought to the Progress office on Saturday afternoon by Curry Meredith, grown by his father, J.E. Meredith from his splendid trees that have been in his orchard for forty-one years.
The trees were sent to Mr. Meredith from Texas and have supplied the family with delicious fruit through the years. The Editor can attest the quality of these peaches and as quantity, the three peaches provided an ample breakfast for the Lee family on Sunday morning, and were as fine as any that had ever been served or perhaps a little better, due to the fact that they were grown in Webster County.
Thank you, Mr. Meredith. You have given us a sample and perhaps you had better guard that splendid orchard at your home near Cumberland.

Embry News:

Mrs. W.L. Synott left Saturday for Houston, TX to spend this month with her son, Dr. Griffin Synott.
Mrs. Docia Hitt spent last week in the home of her brother, Mr. J.W. Stewart of Springhill.
Mrs. Sophia Jenkins spent the weekend in the home of L.B. Bingham.
Mrs. F.R. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Pendergrast and son were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hightower of Eupora.
Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Kimbrell and daughter, Mrs. T.E. Hughes and Miss Peggy Hughes spent Sunday with Mrs. Minnie Lee Hughes of Alva.
Mrs. J.H. Shaw was home for the weekend from Crowder. Mrs. Shaw owns and operates a beauty parlor in Crowder.
Mrs. Pervie Shaw spent the weekend with parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Pounds at Bellefontaine.

50 Years Ago:
June 11, 1964

Hereford Cow Has 2nd Set of Twins

Chad Shumaker, Maben cattle farmer, says he might not own a record-breaking Polled Hereford cow, but he wishes he had more like her. He proudly singles out a 5-year-old Hereford who has had two sets of twin calves out of three breedings.
Then he adds the facts and figures in that one set of twins was heifers, the other set being one heifer and one bull calf. The single calf in-between the two sets of twins was also a heifer, making a total of 4 heifers and one bull calf or the 5-year-old cow.
Shumaker also reports the milk flow of the mother cow is far beyond that of ordinary Herefords who normally do not produce much milk. He said in each case she had an ample supply of milk for the twin calves. Mr. Shumaker operates a registered Polled Hereford farm midway between Maben and Mathiston.

Hebron News:

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Robertson visited in the Walter Stephens home Sunday evening.
Mrs. Pernell Swindle and children visited a while with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Swindle Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wister Ray and boys and Ricky Rico spent a while with Mr. and Mr. Walter Stephens last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Swindle and Mrs. Faye Swindle visited relatives at Columbus Sunday evening.
Mrs. Lilly Stephens and Sonya spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stephens.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lawrence made a trip to Grenada Friday.
John Hodges and Louis visited with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker a while Monday morning.
Several from our community attended the singing at LaGrange Sunday evening.

25 Years Ago:
June 14, 1989

Walthall News:

The village of Walthall had a good turnout for the municipal election. Of the 106 qualified electors, 80 showed up at the polls to vote.
Randall L. Tabb was reelected mayor. Benny Neal was unopposed for town marshal. Elected as aldermen were Myrna Eidson, Joe Hays, Sherlene Stewart, Donna Breazeale and Dannie Henderson. Mrs. Dora L. Hayes was appointed by the Board of Aldermen to serve as election commissioner when Mrs. Harry Morehead resigned. Mrs. Eva Nell Tabb and Mrs. Lois Jenkins are the two other election commissioners for the town.
Mrs. Johnny Clanton left Tuesday to join her daughter on a trip to England, France and other places in Europe.
Mrs. Louella Harrison of California is visiting Jamie Dobbs for a week or so.
Little Wesley Pepper is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sugg, while his parents go on a trip to England.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart Jr. have moved into their new home.

Mt. Zion News:

Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Hodges visited Mr. and Mrs. Allen Golding Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Ida Farley and daughter were Wednesday visitors.
Laura and Lindsey Hitt visited Jeannie Watson on Saturday.
Carol and Mike Ray visited relatives here on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Turner and Bill spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stafford.
Noelle Vaughan visited grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor last week.