Delegates, clergy busy at UMC Conference

From Liberty UMC

Greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.
Last week was a busy week for the clergy and lay delegates of the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church. The theme was “Living out the Power of ‘We.'”
The conference officially began June 6, when the clergy and delegates began their registration. The United Methodist Men had a fellowship breakfast. Their theme for the breakfast asked each man across the conference to “Man Up.”
Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., bishop of the Mississippi Conference, presided. Jackson Convention Complex was the location for the conference. Over a thousand churches were represented by clergy and laity. The United Methodist churches are an inclusive not exclusive to worshippers. It is empowered by God and deals with all phases of life in a Christian way.
The clergy had a session and the laity had a session. What a busy weekend! Appointments were received by the clergy for the coming year. June 7 was laity banquet day. The keynote speaker was Yvette K. Richards, national president of the United Methodist Women. She shared her views on how we sometimes feel that the power is about “me” instead of “we.” The banquet entertainer was Krystal Michelle Jackson, an 18-year-old prolific opera singer who has already won national competition and is being recognized worldwide; and is a member of Central UMC in Jackson.
Our pastor was commissioned as an elder and we are so proud of her as she grows toward a closer relationship with God and his people. Locally, during the absence of our pastor on Sunday, we received a message from one of our lay servants, Ella Dumas, tiled “Trouble does not last always” from II Corinthians 4.
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