Vaughan’s vocabulary

Don Vaughan
Provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.

These three words’ first syllable sounds like the pronoun of the second person singular or plural. The three words end with different letters. One is an adjective, another is a noun, and another is a verb. Secondly, this long word is the title of a song by the heavy metal group Steppenwolf, but the song sounds like it’s by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. It’s a German word for the sound produced when an atomic bomb is detonated. Perhaps I was inspired as a result of divine communication to think of this third “coDondrum”; this noun’s second syllable rhymes with the name of the current month.

E-mail me your answers to the coDondrums and also let me know how you do in this week’s word quiz.

1. recherché (ra-SHAR-shay)

A. carefully selected
B. dangerous
C. innocuous
D. exotic

2. apropos (AP-rah-POE):

A. inappropriate
B. being appropriate and timely
C. supportive
D. condescending

Let’s see how you’re doing so far. If you chose both A and D for recherché and B for apropos you’re 2 for 2.

3. lachrymose (LAK-ruh-mos)

A. lacking courage
B. a protective coating
C. bitter
D. suggestive of or tending to cause tears

4. umbrage (UM-brij)

A. protective
B. offense, displeasure
C. roughage
D. predictable

No. 3, lachrymose is D and No. 4, umbrage, is B. I took umbrage at his lachrymose approach of breaking the news to me.

Last week’s mystery word is morbid. (The clue was “this word describes the poems of Sylvia Plath.)

This week’s mystery word to solve has the word “big” precisely in the middle; this eleven letter adjective means clear, no ambiguity.