Liberty UMC Weekly Report in the area

From Liberty UMC

We bring you greetings from Liberty United Methodist Church under the pastoral leadership of the Rev. Rochelle Ashford-Minor.
We believe that our church is being shown favor continually by God. The army of God is being strengthened each Sunday with new members.
May 10 was a special day leading up to Mother’s Day. We had a mini-service on the lawn of our church with Brother Michael Simmons as keynote speaker. All present were serviced picnic style by the men, youth and children of Liberty.
Mother’s Day is celebrated all over American. In our small community each year, three churches come together and worship God through his beloved son Christ Jesus, named Gibson Street Church of God, Mount Union Missionary Baptist and Liberty United Methodist. Each church has its own “order of service” but on this day, we become as one. The location of worship rotates among the three churches each year. Former Webster County residents revisit us from their current state, city and town to show thankfulness to their mothers past and present.
Liberty was the host church this year. Our sanctuary can only accommodate approximately 170 people. We apologize for any inconvenience in seating arrangements.
Our pastor gave a powerful message on how God has used women and how women are being used to help build his kingdom. Praise is to God!
We are a “mi-nute” church sitting on a hill but with greatest humility, we welcome you!