Fake bills circulating in Webster County area

By Russell Hood
Webster Progress-Times

The Webster County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public to be aware of counterfeit bills being circulated in the area.
Sheriff Tim Mitchell said counterfeit 20- and 100-dollar bills have been passed at Mantee One Stop and Fox Run Quick Stop in the past two weeks. He said the fake bills had old dates on them, including at least one dated in the 1950s.
Mitchell urged retailers to use counterfeit money detector pens to check watermarks on bills. He said if the bill turns a dark color when marked, it is fake.
Visual clues include looking for security threads, graduations of color in the ink, and the cut and feel of the paper. A legitimate $20 bill contains a hologram of President Jackson on the front right-hand side above the number 20. A hologram reading “U.S. Twenty” appears on the front left hand side.
A real $100 note has a blue 3-D security ribbon and the image of a color-shifting bell, inside a copper-colored inkwell, on the front.