Environmentalist greenhouse gas concept ridiculous

Opinion by Pete Shumpert

In the 1970s scientists and politicians claimed that GLOBAL FREEZING would cause worldwide catastrophe by the 1990s. It didn’t happen. So, in the 1990s they started claiming that because of increased CO2 caused by industry, GLOBAL WARMING was going to ruin the earth for mankind.
At least eight gases are in the atmosphere and CO2 is only 3 percent of its volume. Government scientists have chosen CO2 as the

“greenhouse gas” because it is a gas that oil and coal produce when burned as a fuel.
They have given their bosses (the socialist politicians) an excuse to regulate manufacturing and do just what socialism desires to do — “control the production and distribution of all goods” (see my comment below). Furthermore, a greenhouse is a building of mostly glass or plastic to trap the sun’s heat within it. There is no glass or plastic cover over the earth’s atmosphere.
The following is paraphrased from a Newsmax article titled “UN, Obama Flog Defecting Global Warming Scientists”:
“Dr. James Lovelock, the 94-year-old author, inventor and former scientist who is one of the most famous founders of the environmental movement is now criticizing massive government funding of global-warming research. He says this has corrupted and politicized science.
“The BBCs Jeremy Paxman asked Dr. Lovelock why he was now denying the global warming theory and Dr. Lovelock said he was an independent scientist and not funded by some government department or commercial group. He said that if he makes an error he can go public with it. And it is only when you admit your mistakes that you can move forward.”
The following is a quote from an essay I wrote in 2002 and sent to an environmentalist friend in California:
“Mankind adds to the heating of the earth in a relative manner that burning one hair on your body will warm you up in the winter! The fuel we have burned has not heated the earth up. The amount of fuel mankind has burned in all his existence has an infinitesimally small weight even compared to the weight of the earth’s biosphere alone, which is, the atmosphere, continental water (lakes, rivers and underground), vegetation, animal life and the ocean. The so-called science of global warming is false.”
In fact, in 2009, thousands of e-mails of these phony scientists were hacked. These communications were between the major global warming scientists and it was found they were coordinating their falsified statistics! As soon as they were busted they started calling it CLIMATE CHANGE. There has always been climate change; they are grasping at straws.
The reader may have noticed that I say “earth” instead of “the planet.” The environmentalists’ use of the term “planet” to sound scientific is disgusting to me. It is like calling the moon the “satellite.” Can you imagine saying to your spouse, “Sweetie, isn’t the satellite beautiful tonight.”
My comments: The socialist politicians’ motive for false science is on the last page of Chapter 2 in “The Communists Manifesto.” There are 10 items. No. 7 says, “Extension of factories and instruments of production in the hands of the State….”