Why would you doubt? Learn to ‘touch Jesus’

By Pastor Bobby McMullen
2nd Chance Ministry

This time of the year (last Easter weekend) is a time that’s celebrated worldwide by millions of people. It is a time of reflection, a time of self-examination, a time of gratitude.
Even with this day being as special as it is, out of the millions that celebrate its meaning, many doubt how important it is. Many doubt it ever happened. Many doubt there was ever a death, burial and Resurrection.
So the question is, “Why would you doubt?” Listen, it’s sad that after all we have, seen, witnessed and read in our lifetime, there are yet people that doubt. There are yet people that question the very existence of the King we call “Jesus,” the King we call “Savior.”
I know that in the basketball world, Lebron James is known as the king, but he’s not the king that I am talking about. I know that in the entertainment world, Michael Jackson is known as the king of pop, but he’s not the king that I’m talking about. I know that in the political world, the reign of power in England has been transferred to Prince Charles, but he’s not the king that I’m talking about. Even in the business world, the franchise company known as “Burger King” has a king as its mascot. But that’s not the king that I’m talking about.
No, the king that I’m talking about is known as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Yes, the King who died for you. Yes, the King that was crucified, just for you.
So, why would you doubt? This is the question that was asked by Jesus in Luke 24:38. He asked the disciples, “Why are you troubled and why do doubts rise in your mind.” Remember, these are the very ones that traveled with Jesus. They are the ones that saw miracle after miracle performed by the King.
Look at this resume: In John 2 he turned water into wine. In John 11 he raised Lazarus from the dead. In Matthew 8 he calmed the raging sea. In Matthew 12 he healed the man with a withered hand. In Mark 14 he walked on water. Look in verse 39 of this chapter. Jesus said, “ Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see.”
Beloved, if only we learn to “touch Jesus.” If we can only feel him. When we learn to connect with him, then we will know that he is real. Then and only then will there be no doubt.
See, when you make it personal to you, when you make it exclusive to you, when you take ownership of it and get to know Jesus for yourself, then you will know that he is real. Then will you know that he is the true King. Then will you know in your heart that he is the Risen Savior.