Letter to the editor – Leaders should try the Golden Rule instead of bullying

Do you suppose that our Dear Leader in the White House has ever heard of the terrible Battle of Armageddon?
Well, if he, along with the hotheads and “chickenhawks” of America’s Bunny Ranch on the Potomac don’t cease meddling in Mr. Putin’s affairs and drawing lines in the sand for him not to cross, there will be an Armageddon. Not in the Holy Land, but right here in the Good Ole USA!
They recently got their feathers all ruffled because a Russian fighter plane made a few passes near an American warship anchored in the Black Sea. And, what would America’s Air Force be expected to do if a Russian ship anchored offshore in the Gulf of Mexico?
Dollars to doughnuts, the U.S. ship was sent to the Black Sea by the CIA, loaded with highly sophisticated electronic equipment to spy on Mr. Putin’s activities.
Before our nervous leaders let their big mouths overload their blessed assurances, they perhaps should review the record of the world’s greatest military force in Southeast Asia.
After plowing up Vietnam with more bombs than were dropped on Germany in WW2, spraying everything with Agent Orange, including our own troops, and burning hundreds of innocent peasants alive with napalm, the Army came slinking home, chased out by a ragtag army of rice farmers who had nothing more to fight with, than what they could carry on their backs.
Wasted over there were 58,000 troops, equipment and resources worth jillions — all needed at home. Accomplishment ? Absolutely NOTHNG! Except make the wealthy owners of the factories turning out war supplies even richer.
The Russian Bear has awful sharp claws, backed by thousands of long-range missiles that can vaporize American cities, just as the Japanese cities were vaporized by President Truman in 1945 for the sole purpose of showing the world just how powerful the United States had become.
Back some years ago, a stranger walking the shores of Galilee said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Why not try that, instead of continually meddling and trying to build a world empire by bullying other nations?

Lamar Wray