Time capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

April 13, 1939

Eupora Proud of New Phones

At 9:15 Tuesday morning when the 1894 installed hand-crank type of telephone was supplanted bythe latest 1939 stream-lined automatic dial apparatus, Euporans rushed as if fascinated by a new toy to try out the new method of communication.

The mechanical register in the new exchange recorded over a thousand calls made during the first hour, and over 6,000 calls during the first 12 hours. Mayor L.W. Harpole and Editor Ned Lee were accorded the privilege of being the first to use the new phones. Mayor Harpole dialed long distance and talked to his nephew, D.P. Marshall in Jonesboro, former Euporan, while the editor talked with his father, E.E. Lee, editor of The Warrenton Clipper, in Warrenton, Ga.

The connections were swift. The new phones have many qualities not possessed by the old apparatus. Audibility is improved at least 50 percent and the new receivers make hearing easy, even near running machinery and other loud noises.

The new exchange operates without human aid or supervision, and occupies a building not much larger than 12 by 14 feet. The apparatus at the exchange which handles the dial calls is very compact and takes up more than half of this small space.

Only in technical terms can the modus operandi be described and these would mean nothing to one who is not a telephone engineer. Let it suffice to say that when the telephone user lifts the receiver and dials the number he desires, he sets in operation a number of mechanical movements at the plant, all of which are automatic and positively certain.

The equipment has a capacity of twenty calls at one time. That is to say, it will handle the dialing for twenty phones simultaneously. This, the telephone company believes, will be ample for an exchange the size of Eupora.

The Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. has spared no expense in its effort to give Eupora a thoroughly modern telephone system and has expended approximately $20,000 on installation of the dial phone equipment and the lines.

Citizens who used the new phones on Tuesday declared that they were delighted with the rapid service, and the only inconvenience being that it is now necessary to look up the proper number.

Pine Grove News:

Miss Clevie Mae Avery spent Saturday night with Miss Nellie Lou Young.

Mr. J.G. Curry and family and Mrs. R.L. Breland and daughter visited in the O.L. Murrah home Sunday.

Mrs. Reuben Williams spent part of last week with her mother, Mrs. R.B. Strickland.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Murrah spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Murrah.

Miss Elizabeth Avery spent Sunday night with Miss Nellie Lou Young.

Mrs. Pauline Holland and children, Sarah Ann and Carl Wayne, spent Monday with Mrs. R.L. Breland.

Mr. and Mrs. John Collum visited relatives near New Hope one day last week.

50 Years Ago:

April 9, 1964

Mitchell Town News:

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Graham visited their children in Baton Rouge during the Easter holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Mills visited Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McDonald and children in Monroe over the Easter holidays. Little Jeff came home with them to spent two weeks.

Mrs. Bertha Brasfield spent the week with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fonnie Brasfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Wayne Mitchell and girls of Clinton visited their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Ruth Mitchell during Easter.

Mrs. Lora Mitchell visited Mr. and Mrs. Mildred Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. Halbert Mitchell this week.

Mrs. Dorothy Mitchell visited her sister, Mrs. Watt Dorster Thursday at West Point.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruth Mitchell visited a while Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Boatman.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Mitchell visited in the John and Halbert Mitchell home Sunday afternoon.

Springhill News:

Mr. and Mrs. Judge Stoddard are visiting in the delta with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wayman Carver.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Paris of Kilmichael spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rodgers and Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson.

Tuesday afternoon visitors in the Roy Rodgers’ home were Mrs. Kate Currington, Mr. Claud Currington of Big Creek, Mrs. Jack Hendricks, Mrs. C.W. O’Neal and Miss Mertie O’Neal.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson Jr. and family visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Allen Sturdivant of Mathiston visited a while Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hendricks.

Mr. Eddie Lee Johnson visited Saturday morning with Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Johnson.

25 Years Ago:

April 12, 1989

Spring Dance Recital

The Joyce Yates School of Dance will be presenting “The 1988-89 Spring Dance Review” on Friday, April 21 at the Eupora High School Auditorium.

Students ranging from preschool to Senior High will be performing tap, jazz and ballet numbers to classical, popular and Broadway music. The tree scenes will be The Dancing Ballet Garden, Television’s Greatest Hits and Ballet on Broadway.

Enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment in the newly air conditioned auditorium. All proceeds will go to the Eupora High School annual staff.

Mt. Zion News:

Mr. and Mrs. Willis White visited Mr. and Mrs. Allan Golding on Sunday.

Mr. Don Maddox will go to Tupelo next week.

Jeannie Watson visited Abbie Crowley on Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Turner’s children visited them over the weekend.

Family members helped celebrate Scott Cooper and Mrs. Vera Ray’s birthday on Thursday night with birthday cake and ice cream in the Kenneth Cooper home.