New business locates in old Maben building

By Terry Harpole
For the WPT

A new business has opened in the old Maben City Hall building.

Jennifer Washington Stovall, originally from Pheba and now of Starkville, opened LOL What Next? in November. It is located at 7826 Webster St.

The store is stocked with crochet and gift items, yard sale items and other things. It joins four other new businesses or expansions coming to Maben in the last year.

TERRY HARPOLE Jennifer Stovall in front of LOL What Next?

Jennifer Stovall in front of LOL What Next?

The building was formerly the site of an accounting firm. It also was once Maben’s city hall, complete with a jail in the back. In the past, it was the place where drawings for cash money were held every Saturday at 3 p.m. The drawing were sponsored by the Maben merchants, creating crowds so large that sometimes a person would need to make several blocks to find a parking space.

For years, the Maben Lions Club has been working with the city board in helping get new businesses in Maben, and now with the help of the Maben Chamber of Commerce and its website,, Maben is hoping to see more new businesses open.