Notice of testing of tabulating equipment

Deborah Hood Neal, circuit clerk/registrar, gives notice to the qualified electors of Webster County pursuant to Section 23-15-531.4(a)(b) MS Code, 1972, Annotated and Amended, that the circuit clerk and officials in charge of elections will run a test in the Doss Butane Building, 2980 E. Roane Ave., Eupora, beginning at 10 a.m. April 2, to ascertain that the AccuVote TSX units will count the votes cast for all offices and on all measures.

The test will be conducted by testing a number of the DRE units (44) thus being the number to be used in the April 8 special election. All memory cards to be used will be tested.

This test will be conducted until all units have been tested. Representatives of candidates, political parties, news media and the public are invited and shall be permitted to observe such tests.