Story hour at Maben Public Library features ‘Smelly Socks’

By Librarian Mary Boutwell
Maben Public Library

From smelly socks to bubbles, lots of fun was had at the Maben Library during story hour last Friday.

Khloei Earley, Bo Berry, Levi Davis, Kaylee Berry and Ms. Mary

Khloei Earley, Bo Berry, Levi Davis, Kaylee Berry and Ms. Mary

Our story was quite humorous, “Smelly Socks” by Robert Munsch. It was about a little girl that decided she wanted new socks. She didn’t like the ones in the store close to home; they were just black socks. She wanted to go across the river to get socks.

After trying on big socks, little socks, blue socks and socks that were too pink, she finally found the perfect pair of red, yellow and green socks.

Tina loved her socks so much that she said she was NEVER, NEVER going to take them off. She wore her socks for 10 days. Her mother tried to get her to take them off just for a little while so she could wash them, but Tina wore them 10 more days. The kids at school said, “Tina! What a smell! Change your socks!”

After 10 more days a flock of Canada geese flew over her house and fell right out of the sky, two moose walked through the yard and fell over and ducks, raccoons, and squirrels fell over when she walked to school. Even a skunk fell over from the smell, Wow! So her friends decided to carry her to the river and washed her socks. Finally her socks were clean.

Then Tina wanted to get a nice new  red, yellow and green shirt. So her mom asked if she would promise to wash it and she said no, if she waited long enough the kids at school would wash it for her.

So after our story we did a craft and had a late Valentine party.