All have a living hope in God

By Pastor Bobby McMullen
2nd Chance Ministries

Beloved, in life we have many trials, we have many tribulations and there are even times when it seems like life just isn’t fair.

Finally, when we get tired of being sick and tired we come to our senses and give God our hearts and minds; we find that we are persecuted for who and what we believe in. Sometimes it seems like all hope is gone, it seems like nobody cares, it seems like you are all alone. Often we feel like we are cast down, talked about and even left to fend for ourselves.

But Apostle Peter is telling us in 1 Peter 1:3-5 that we need to praise God because the mercy that he has shown us has given us a new birth or a new life because, through the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we now have a living hope, and that hope is in Jesus the Christ.

See, trials, tribulation and even persecution can cause either growth or bitterness in the life of a Christian. And in being a Christian how we respond will determine the end result.

See, all through the book of 1 Peter, he is teaching us how we are to act when we are in situations that push or challenge us in this Christian walk. Peter tells us that because we “have a living hope,” our walk, talk, actions and character should always represent his holiness, and should always represent His Majesty the King.

Peter tells us that this “living hope” will never end and it is there in every trial, tribulation and persecution. Peter also tells us that because of this “New Birth” into a living hope we have an inheritance in heaven that will never “spoil or fade.”

Why? Because God’s mercy and grace will shield this inheritance until the Day of Judgment. So we should take comfort in knowing that we have a living hope in Jesus Christ when all earthly hope has failed.

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