Time capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Feb. 16, 1939

Deer and Big Bull Are Partners

J.L. McGarrh and Fred McGarrh, father and son, good farmers of the Tomnolen Community, were displaying “Domino,” one of the finest registered pure bred bulls in the county, here Saturday.

Domino is a splendid Hereford beef-type bull and hundreds of Webster farmers were giving fine characteristics the once over on Eupora streets. Domino did not bring his partner, a year-old deer, with him Saturday, but hundreds of interested citizens have called by the McGarrh home lately to see this unusual animal combination.

The young buck “came up with the cows” from the pasture several months ago and has been living with them since. No one knows where he came from, but he feeds and sleeps with them every day and night, and is a gentle pet.

“Domino” weighs 1,625 pounds, is 1½ years old, contributes to purebred beef stock in this county, and is a Webster County agricultural asset. Messrs. McGarrh are valuable breeders and have done much toward the advancement of Webster County agriculture.

New Business Opens Here Saturday

One of the outstanding events in Eupora’s business history is the opening of the new Western Auto Store, owned and operated by Oscar B. Miller at 225 Dunn St.

Most car owners of this vicinity are familiar with the Western Auto Supply Co. because this is the firm that used to send out so many of the little catalogs known as the “Auto Owners Supply Book” offering attractive prices on practically everything needed for an automobile. It is the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the world, founded in 1909 and now operating more than 170 stores all over the United States.

The Western Auto Store here in Eupora will carry the same general line of supplies, accessories and tools. It is stated that the new store offers the largest and most complete stock of auto supplies and accessories in this city. Every item is of selected quality and backed by Western Auto’s guarantee of “Satisfaction or Money Back.”

Mr. Miller, formerly of Greenwood, is well known in Eupora and has a host of friends who wish him well in his new enterprise. He explains that because of his favorable arrangements with the Western Auto Supply Co., he will be able to offer the same merchandise at approximately the same prices as those in the big company’s main stores, thus bringing car owners of Eupora the benefits of that company’s big buying power and volume distribution.

The new store is now open for business, but Saturday, Feb. 18 will be “Official Opening Day and Mr. Miller promises to have special prices on a number of popular items in honor of the occasion.

50 Years Ago:

Feb. 13, 1964

West End Café Destroyed by Fire

A fire of undetermined origin destroyed the West End Café in the night of Feb. 6.

The fire was discovered by a passing motorist who called the Eupora Fire Department about 9 p.m. When the fire truck arrived on the scene, the fire was spreading very rapidly throughout the main part of the building. Efforts were made to stop the fire by using the booster hose on the truck, as there are no fire hydrants that far out.

The fire had gained too much headway for the small house and firemen had to pull back and watch as flames completely enveloped the building. According to the first firemen on the scene, the fire could have been stopped had they had fire hydrants to hook onto or more fire truck equipped with high-pressure fog equipment. The café was outside the city limits is the reason no fire hydrants were available.

At the time of the fire, no one was occupying the building and authorities are investigating the possibility of the fire being deliberately set.

Mt. Moriah News:

Mr. Hubert Harrison is recovering at home from injuries received in a highway accident last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morris and daughter of Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Morris and family of Starkville visited parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.K. Morris and Sue over the weekend.

Weekend visitors in the Walter Johnson home were Thomas Johnson of West Memphis and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Doss and son of Iuka.

Mrs. Lee Dunlap has returned home after spending several weeks in Memphis.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ray, Pat and Randy of Memphis were recent visitors in the Carl Johnson and James Johnson homes.

25 Years Ago:

Feb. 15, 1989

Centennial Celebration to Begin Feb. 27

On Feb. 27, 1989, we will begin celebrating Eupora’s 100th anniversary. It was on this day in 1889 the charter for the town of Eupora was issued. During 1989, we reflect on our past accomplishments and celebrate our heritage with various events and souvenirs. Several events commemorating our anniversary will take place during the year. As part of the city of Eupora, this is an opportunity for all to get involved in this celebration. A 100-year anniversary is a great milestone. It not only gives us an opportunity to look back and see how far we have come, but it allows us a chance to gaze into the future and see how far we can go. Let’s work together and make it the best!

New Hope News:

Mrs. Corene McCluskey and Charles, Mrs. Myrtle Vance of Calhoun City and Mrs. Lela Bell McCluskey of Slate Springs visited Mrs. Mary Doss Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Skelton and Mrs. Mary Doss visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Putnam in the Pleasant Hill Community Friday.

Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gregg were Mr. and Mrs. Barry Roundsville of Grenada and Mr. Danny Gregg and boys from the Bradford Chapel community.

Recent visitors with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen, were Mr. and Mrs. David Shipp and Patrick of Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Allen and Kayla of Bellefontaine.

Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Allen visited Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nail at Starkville on Friday night and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Doler at Slate Springs.