Letter to the editor – Restore Webster County Courthouse

I was born and raised in Mississippi. I grew up near Walthall and attended school in Walthall and Eupora. The happiest memories of my youth include Walthall school and going to the Webster County Courthouse when court was in session. As a young girl I always enjoyed the court.

No new building can replace the value to the community that the beautiful old courthouse has always been. I live in Alabama now; when I make my visits to family still in the Walthall area, I always drive by the old schoolhouse and courthouse before heading back to Alabama. Something about seeing the grand old building still standing, like a loyal friend, always gave me comfort and a warm heart. Since the fire, it is so sad to see the damage. I can tell the “bones” are still there and the rest is restorable.

There aren’t very many charming villages left in this country. The unique village of Walthall hearkens back to a time one cell was all you needed for a jailhouse, and it was usually empty. Everyone respected and cared for one another in the community, even if they didn’t always agree.

Please restore the courthouse in Walthall. Why build a new one? Too much of our history is being lost every day to cold, modern buildings. My family has all been touched by Walthall. Even though my children did not grow up in Walthall, it is a home to them too. They echo my sentiments in restoring the courthouse.

You all have something very special in the village of Walthall and in the courthouse. Again, please restore the courthouse to her former glory. Don’t let modern times erase simpler times. The courthouse is a part of Webster County’s heritage and should also be a part of Webster County’s future.

Dorothy Taylor Ward

Athens, Ala.