Website develops future look

The Webster Progress Times (www.websterprogress has gone through many variations, designs and changes to its websites since the online version came to life in 2002.

In 2013, we were pretty good about updating the sites every week as well as placing photos on the site. With these improvements and investments in the site, we have now also implemented a paywall for our electronic content since that content mirrors every aspect of the regular newspaper.

If you are a subscriber to the The Webster Progress Times, you can gain access to our online content by simply calling 662-773-6241 or emailing

This minor change to our online plan, which removes unfettered access, places our online readers on the same footing as our regular newsprint readers.

The Webster Progress Times has been bringing quality content to the community for almost 90 years and the community has always supported the newspaper by purchasing the content with subscriptions and rack purchases. Now, we are simply gaining that financial support for our quality product online.

We plan to continue to develop an even better quality newspaper and website.

We will be offering more to you our readers and all this for less than 58¢ a week with a one year print subscription purchase.

You may follow us on this journey by calling today to purchase a subscription. (Don’t forget a print subscription gets you access to the website as well).

The future of the newspaper and our website looks bright and we will continue to improve and growth both so that you our readers will continue to find all the best information about our community in the pages of our newspaper or website.

Also when you visit our website, you will find that Our dailytidbitspart of the site, our HomeMarket, classifieds and shoppers will continue to havefree access on the web.

Editor’s note: Joseph McCain is the publisher of the Webster Progress Times. He may be reached at 662-803-5236 or 662-773-6241.