State treasurer encourages locals to claim funds

From Staff & Press Reports


Some Webster Countians needing extra cash may not have to look any further than the Office of the State Treasurer.

In some cases, the original owner of the property has died, and his or her heirs are unaware that the property exists. Nearly one in five people in Mississippi has missing money from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, security deposits, utility refunds, estates, escrow accounts, even lost refunds, according to the state treasurer’s office.

The Unclaimed Property Act requires the businesses that hold that money — including banks, savings and loans companies, utility companies and insurance firms — turn the assets over to the Office of the State Treasurer.

“In these economic times, everybody can use a little help,” Treasurer Lynn Fitch said. “I would encourage everyone to search for family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. This money belongs to the people of Mississippi and I am returning what rightfully belongs to them.”

The Unclaimed Property Division is working hard to return money to the rightful owners. Check to see if you have money at or call 601.359.3534.

A quick search on the website produced these accounts from the Webster County area as having unclaimed property. This list may not be all-inclusive of local accounts:

• Webster County School District: under $100.

• Webster County Chancery Clerk: three accounts over $100 each.

• Webster General Hospital (NMMC-Eupora): three accounts over $100 each.

• Webster Health Services Inc.: 12 accounts — 11 over $100 each and one under $100.

• Church of God Eupora: under $100.

• Eupora Automotive: over $100.

• Eupora Family Medical Clinic: two accounts over $100 each.

• Corwin McCain of Gore Springs: under $100.

• Craig D. Bowen of Eupora: two accounts over $100 each.

• Barbara Edwards of Eupora: over $100.