Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Jan. 12, 1939

County Road to be Paved

Webster’s County seat will be connected with the state priority system of paved highways if no right-of-way complications are involved.

Word was received here this week that Commissioner Abe Linker had received the permission of the highway commission to pave the road between Eupora and Walthall if citizens along the route would agree to give deeds as stipulated under the Stansel Act of Mississippi Laws.

This concession will connect Walthall with the state priority system represented by Highway 82 now under construction through Eupora from Columbus to Greenville.

Since this part of Highway 9 is not included in the priority system, there are no funds available for further purchase of rights-of-way, and the final construction of the road is contingent upon the permission of the property owners and is in the form of a “gift” from the highway department.

Mr. Linker’s action was made following a request of many Webster County citizens that the road between Eupora and Walthall be paved under the provisions of the highway department which allow certain stretches of non-priority highways to be designated as experimental roads. Under the Stansel Act, it is necessary that a 100-foot right-of-way be granted to the state.

The present Highway 9, constructed before the passage of the Stansel Act, was never deeded to the state, property owners along the way having simply signed a petition for the road, and at the same time agreeing to allow such a road to be built across and adjoining their properties.

It is now concluded that more than the present 60 feet of right-of-way will be needed; out under the present laws it is mandatory that formal deeds be given if the road is to be paved. A majority of the property owners have taken a leading part in asking for this road, since asphalt paving will enhance the value of their properties and eliminate the mud and dust hazards which accompany the present gravel surface.

It is generally concluded that property owners will welcome the paving and that no right-of-way complications will ensue, especially since there are no funds available under the law to pay for the deeds that are necessary. The contemplated length of the route will be from the city limits of Eupora to the courthouse at Walthall, a distance of approximately 5 miles.

Hohenlinden News:

Miss Mary Gore and Mrs. E.N. Allen and two children spent Saturday afternoon at Wood Junior College.

Visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. B.I. Wofford on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Hitt and family of Slate Springs and Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Griffin and family.

Mr. John H, George was a guest of Mr. Edd Griffin Thursday night.

Mr. J.E. Logan is visiting his children at Eupora and Mathiston this week.

50 Years Ago:

Jan. 9, 1964

Happy Springs News:

Mrs. Thelma Fowler has returned home after spending a few days at Sweatman with her children.

Mrs. Beatrice Wolf and children have returned to their home at Sturgis after spending the holidays with Mrs. Rena and Hattie Atkins.

Mr. and Mrs. James Kent and children of Texas spent Monday and Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Atkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Turner of Columbus spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Atkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Sisk and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Sisk.

Mrs. Jim Pogue spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Mann Butts.

Miss Annette Nason of Clarksdale is visiting her father, Mr. L.L. Nason.

Mrs. Elizabeth Crouce has returned to her home in Columbus after visiting her children, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Nason and daughter.

Bellefontaine News:

Rev. and Mrs. J.T. Humphries and family of Cleveland were recent guests with parent and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Hood.

Mrs. Imri Oswalt visited her brother, Mr. Thomas Yarbrough and family at Vaiden one day recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hodges and family of Nashville visited Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Hood last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Skelton visited Mr. and Mrs. Mike Harden and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Vance and mother at Slate Springs last Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Woods and family of Cadaretta were guests in the Perry Sprayberry home Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sprayberry and sons of Calhoun City visited parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sprayberry, Sunday afternoon.

25 Years Ago:

Jan. 11, 1989

Dial-Tone Service Now in Use

South Central Bell manager Roger Truesdale announced this week that coin telephones in Eupora, Maben and Mathiston have been converted to dial-tone first service, which means that callers will hear dial tone when they pick up the coin set’s receiver to place a call.

“Our customers will now be able to dial the operator without depositing coins and our customers in Oktibbeha County will be able to dial 911 when that system comes online,” Truesdale said.

“Dial tone first sets will also allow callers to reach directory assistance and to place credit card calls without needing to deposit coins. A caller will also be able to reach any local number without a coin by simply calling the operator and charging at a special rate. Access to the network is important. Dial-tone first service is just another way to make this access easier for the calling public,” Truesdale said.

Mt. Zion News:

Mr. and Mrs. James Camp visited Mrs. Ivy Sibley over the weekend.

Jennifer Beck visited Jeannie Watson on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Hunter are home from Maryland, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray, Chris and other relatives.

Mrs. Clytee Curry visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ray on Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Debbie Tuck and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gatlin on Thursday.

Mrs. B. Littlejohn’s children and grandchildren had lunch with her on New Year’s Day.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. James Griffin on the arrival of a baby girl. She is welcomed by her sister, Michelle.