Jail Docket

Dec. 28

Robert McCarter, DOB 07-14-75, BM; self: court order to serve weekends.

Dec. 31

Courtney N. Harrison, DOB 11-07-88, WF; F&W 288: trespassing and headlighting.

Joshua R. Pittman, DOB 10-27-93, WM; F&W 288: trespassing and headlighting.

Shane Thompson, DOB 03-31-73, WM; SO3: grand larceny.

Jan. 3

Tony Mills, DOB 07-31-69, BM; MDOC: burglary: breaking and entering dwelling.

Jan. 4

Paula Lacy Atkins, DOB 06-12-76m WF; SO7: possession of crack cocaine.

Darrel Griffin, DOB 10-11-70, WM; SO7: trespassing.

Jerome Cullum, DOB 10-18-89, BM; SO7: bond revoked per SO1.

Jan. 5

Otorro Allen, DOB 10-14-81, BM; SO7: possession of marijuana.

James Busby, DOB 01-24-76, WM; SO9: failure to appear and grand larceny.

These arrests were obtained from the public docket at the Webster County Jail. An arrest does not mean the accused is guilty. U.S. citizens are presumed innocent until they are proved guilty in court.