Time Capsules

Compiled by Laura Lucius from WPT files

75 Years Ago:

Dec. 22, 1938

Winners Named in Lighting Contest

Mrs. W.R. Sugg was the first place winner in the floor or window lighting division and Mrs. Doan Phillips won top rating in outdoor tree lighting in the Christmas decoration contest sponsored by the Garden Club Department of the Eupora Woman’s Club.

The contest came to a close last night as three out-of-town judges inspected all lighting in a drive around the city. Competition was keen, with the result that Eupora has its most splendid Christmas lighting effects in years. Decorations ranged from excellent portrayals of the Christmas scene to dazzling arrays of brilliant lighting.

Receiving honorable mention in the outdoor decorating group were Mrs. Tommy Denton, Mrs. W.G. Taylor and Mrs. J.R. Phillips. Honorable mention rankings in the door or window decoration division were given to Mrs. C.P. Fortner and Mrs. J.M. Mounger, Mrs. John W. Gary and Mrs. T.W. Scott.

Mt. Zion News:

Rev. Potts filled his appointment at Lebanon Sunday morning to a large congregation even if the weather was threatening.

Mr. and Mrs. Choice Cook and baby and Grandmother Pate and Mr. C. Cook were visitors in Alabama last week.

Mr. Marvin Taylor attended services at Lebanon on Sunday.

Miss Ruby Brown and Mr. John William and Thomas Brown of Bellefontaine attended services here Sunday and were dinner guests at Mr. Walter Shaffer’s.

Miss Jessie Mae Wilson was a weekend visitor with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Cook.

The club meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Bud Wilson’s next Wednesday afternoon.

Misses Margaret and Louise Shaffer were Friday afternoon visitors of Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Felix Johnson.

50 Years Ago:

Dec. 19, 1963

Sunset News:

Mrs. Lewis Bright and Miss Ramage visited Monday morning with Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Baker and children of Memphis spent last weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Baker.

Mrs. Jim Walker enjoyed a lengthy visit with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Ellington in Louisiana.

The many friends of Mr. Burton were glad to see him able to visit with his many friends in Eupora last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ethel Bright were happy to have all their children and grandchildren with them Sunday.

Miss Diane Bright is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Thomas Eugene Shaw and family and cousin, Miss Bettie Sue Bright.

Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Baker and Mr. C.L. Baker and family spent a while Sunday afternoon with Mrs. I.L. Baker.

Montevista News:

Rev. Charles Bagwell brought two inspiring messages on Sunday. He was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Orr and family and ate supper with Mr. and Mrs. Grady Love.

Mr. Arnold Dunn of Double Springs spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Love and Mr. Elmer Dunn.

Mrs. Joe Edwards of Houston spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Scarbrough and Mrs. Bessie Crowley.

Mr. and Mrs. Loyce Brown and Tony were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams and Tom.

Mrs. Minnie Darby of Walthall spent part of last week with Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Nelms.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rodd of Walthall visited relatives here two days last week.

The Home Demonstration Club met on Friday afternoon with Mrs. Icy Dora Nelms for their annual Christmas party.

25 Years Ago:

Dec. 21, 1988

Eupora Dollars Winners Named

Eupora Business and Merchants Association announced the winners of the Eupora Dollars given away on Dec. 10. One hundred dollar winners were Martha Rogers of Eupora, Permelia Miller of Mathiston and Carolyn Hardin of Big Creek. Winners on Dec. 17 were Mattie Dean of Eupora and Lucy Lane. This coming Saturday, there will be a drawing for a $400 winner.

A Small-Town Christmas

The Christmas season in our small town of Eupora is very special. The phrase “Merry Christmas” has a familiar ring and can be heard along every street. The true meaning of Christmas is ever present in a small town.

However, in large cities, we see evidence of a much more commercialized Christmas. After the mob scenes at the malls and congested streets and interstates, our town is a refreshing change. It seems that people in Eupora haven’t forgotten that Jesus’ birth is “the reason for the season.”

Even though our Christmas isn’t as commercialized as Christmas in the city, we still meet with family and friends for celebrating in a simple personal way. Simplicity is one of the things that make our little town so special this time of year. Youth groups get together to sing carols, churches celebrate the birth with musicals, people go to the health care center, hospitals, or just around the block spreading the joy of Christmas.

Another reason for our special Christmases in Eupora is the pervading friendliness with which people greet each other and seem to put away old grudges, concentrating on love instead of hate. But the one thing about Christmas in Eupora that makes it different from any other lies in the fact that family still holds a special meaning.

The joyous gatherings of family far and near can be seen in every home and happiness fills the air as we are reunited with our loved ones. Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas, but nowhere is the true spirit of the Christmas season felt more deeply than in our small town.