Tomnolen Baptist celebrates 100 years

From Church Reports


On Sept. 29, more than 250 people gathered to celebrate what a few started in 1913.

A few met to organize Tomnolen Baptist Church in 1913. The church has survived and prospered over the past 100 years.

Several centennial anniversary events have already been held and more are planned before the end of the year.

A special celebration was held Sept. 29 with morning worship followed by a time of fellowship, food and fun. Dr. Jim Futral, executive director/treasurer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, was the keynote speaker.

Memories were shared by the current pastor, the Rev. Don Parish; longtime member Jimmie Morgan; Chairman of the Deacons Jimmy Crick and the Rev. J.B.. Rowe, who was pastor from 1969-2005. Rusty McCool presented special music.