School Board tables policy action

By Russell Hood

The Webster Progress-Times


Webster County School District board members plan to make a decision in three months regarding revision of one policy and deletion of another that deal with school admission and out-of-district transfers.

Superintendent of Education Jack Treloar, on Oct. 7, recommended revision of the “School Admission” policy and deletion of the policy concerning “Tuition for Out-of-District Students.”

The board tabled its decisions, and the matters were placed back on the agenda Nov. 11. At that meeting, Treloar presented the unfinished business regarding the policies, according to the minutes.

After President Bobby McMullen called for action on the unfinished business, Nancy Davis (District 2) made a motion to table the revisions and the deletion until March. Scott Hollenhead (District 4) seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously, records show.

The section of the school admission policy recommended for amendment concerns the residence verification procedure. It defines a residence for school attendance purposes as where the student physically resides full time weekdays/nights and weekends, at a place of abode located within the limits of the school district.

The policy recommended for revision reads:

“Bona Fide Residence

“A student must attend school in the school district in which his/her parents are bona fide residents.

“A parent can have no more than one bona fide residence at any given time. A bona fide residence is one where the family actually lives. This means the specific dwelling in which the family cooks, eats and sleeps on a regular basis and claims as its sole or primary place of residence.

“This rule does not prevent a parent from commuting to work nor does it prevent a father/mother from traveling out of state when his/her work requires him/her to do so, provided he/she returns to the home periodically and considers the home as his/her legal, permanent residence.”

The proposed revision also addresses what constitutes a bona fide change of residence, in part stating that the original residence must be abandoned as a residence.

Specifically, it states: “(The original residence) shall be either sold, in the process of being sold, rented or disposed of as a residence. It shall not be used by any relative of the student except under certain conditions or unless there is a parental marital separation. If the original residence is not in the process of being openly advertised for sale or rent, the family shall have the utility disconnected in this residence.”

The tuition policy recommended for deletion states that parents of out-of-district students who have been granted a legal transfer from another school district to the WCSD must pay yearly tuition of $1,000 per transferring child.

Additionally on Nov. 11, the board accepted a lone bid timber bid from Johnson Timber Co. for a 131-acre 16th Section tract.

It also accepted donations from Eupora Mini Storage to the Eupora High School football program and from the EHS Jr. High Cheerleader Boosters to the EHS Jr. High cheerleaders.