Story hours all about Thanksgiving

By Librarian Mary Boutwell

Maben Public Library


Story hour at the Maben Public Library on Nov. 15 was all about Thanksgiving.

Our story was titled “Thanks for Thanksgiving.” Our story included many things that we are thankful for. Many of those were things we may take for granted every day, such as playtime with friends, playing dress-up with mommy and sledding with daddy, fall leaves and our pets if we have any.

We then made turkey headbands with things we were thankful for written on the colorful feathers. We all told how and where we would be spending our Thanksgiving Day.

Let us all remember to be thankful each and every day for the little things as well as those special people that make life interesting.

1st Thanksgiving

On Nov. 22 at the Maben Public Library we read a book about the First Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims sailed to America to have the freedom to practice religion. In England, their native country, they weren’t allowed this freedom. They sailed across the ocean for two months on a ship called the Mayflower.

The kids were frightened from the stormy weather and they did not have enough food. Many of them got sick and only 50 made it through the first winter. They met the Indians, who showed them how to plant crops using fish for fertilizer. They also helped them hunt deer and turkey.

They were so thankful for the new friends they had met and the food they had, they decided to have a harvest meal. This celebration lasted for three days with lots of food and games. The first Thanksgiving Day was declared by President Abraham Lincoln to be held the fourth Thursday of November every year.

The children made necklaces out of colored pasta. We talked about how they had to build their houses and make everything they had. Most of it was learned from the Indians. We have so much to be thankful for. Don’t forget to count your blessings this Thanksgiving!

The library will be closed for Thanksgiving and story hour will resume Dec. 6.

Avery Hazzard, Ms. Mary and Khloei Earley make necklaces out of pasta.

Avery Hazzard, Ms. Mary and Khloei Earley make necklaces out of pasta.