Letters of Gratefulness coming in for a special Christmas section

The Webster Progress Times has begun to receive many letters of gratefulness and I must say that I am beyond excited!  I cannot wait for the Christmas edition to be published and for readers to be blessed by these sweet, sweet letters.

For those who are not aware, The Webster Progress Times implemented some changes this year to our Letters to Santa.  Instead of writing letters to Santa, The Webster Progress Times is encouraging young and old to write letters of how they are blessed and how they would like to bless others this Christmas.  We have already received quite a few letters from all different ages.

Christmas can be a very happy and exciting time for some and for others Christmas can be a sad and lonely time.  Many have lost loved ones and Christmas is just another reminder that those dear loved ones are no longer with them.  This is a prime opportunity to share Christ’s love with those people.  Maybe bake some cookies or just drop by for a visit.  It is truly amazing at what a few kind words can do to heal the soul.

In my previous articles I have tried to give readers ideas or suggestions on how to bless others.  I have encouraged you to visit, give, volunteer, etc… All of these actions are Christ-like, but as I read in my devotional this morning, they mean nothing if you do not love.  Visiting with the sick, giving to the needy, volunteering at your local church means nothing without love because you see God is love.

This Christmas love the people you visit, love the people you give to, and love the people you volunteer for because this is what Jesus did.  Jesus provided first and for most for people’s spiritual need, which is love.  The Beatle’s song All You Need is Love is really true and it is what Jesus taught.

On a cold, dark winter’s night the light of the world was born. He lived a selfless and humble life and showed His love to everyone no matter what class, status, or family from which they came.  At 33 years old He was nailed to a cross and crucified for our sins.  On the third day He arose from the grave and instructed His disciples to go unto all the world preaching the gospel, which is love.  We are to be Jesus to other people.  You may be the only Jesus some people see.

Editor’s Note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant with the Winston County Journal, Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times. She encourages businesses to advertise in the newspapers’ Christmas Greetings section Wednesday, December 25. The deadline for the Letters of Giving and gratefulness is December 18.